DIY Groomer

Everyone likes to save money. I too will find ways to save some extra cash if I can do the job myself. The problem is I usually end up messing up my DIY and spending more money fixing what I thought I had handled. So let me help you  with some DIY grooming tips from a pro.

#1  No one enjoys a smelly pup, baths are great but don’t overwash! Too much of a good thing isn’t good, especially in this case. Your dogs skin produces a natural oil to repel dirt and protect its coat. When you wash your dog too often, it strips the skin of its natural oils. The skin starts to produce more oils, causing your dog to become more smelly; and creating the merry-go-round of confusion between you and your dogs skin. Once every other week is the proper amount of washing to keep the natural oils and a clean smelling pooch. If you are having a problem with smell, try adding some mild lavender castle soap to your washing mix  for a good aroma and lasting scent.

#2  Brushing your dog may seem easy, but without a comb all you are doing is fluffing the hair. Many customers come in looking to keep theirs dog’s long fluffy coat. Most come in proud, explaining how they have been brushing everyday and how my job should be a breeze. Seeing this on many occasions, I pick up my comb and run it through their dogs hair. Some get lucky, the comb glides right through, but some aren’t so fortunate. I then have to explain the “comb never lies” concept I was taught while learning to groom. Most dogs have two layers of hair, an undercoat and the regular coat. Most owners are brushing the top coat, but leaving the mats at the base of the skin. A comb ensures you get both layers of fur and helps you keep the length you desire for your pupcut.

Now that we have learned about bathing, combing, and brushing we now need to combine the three for rule #3.  NEVER bathe your dog without running a comb through it first. If you bathe your long haired friend, you need to ensure there are no mats. Once a mat gets wet it creates a dread that either needs to be cut out or thinning sheared and brushed through. Mats are very uncomfortable for your dog and if left for long periods of time can cause bacteria infections on the skin. To avoid these proper brushing and combing should take place before a bath.

Please stay tuned I will continue to add groomer tips!

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