Stinky breath?

We all love to give our pups some extra love and cuddles, but when your best friends breathe is smelly it tends to mess with the mood. I’m here to give you some tips and tricks for fresher breathe and an overall healthier pet. Whether your pup is one that will participate for a good … More Stinky breath?

It’s Flea & tick season lets repel them with…

Like most nature lovers going on outdoor hikes with my two best friends is one of my favorite things to do in good weather. We live for the adventure, tall grass, and peaceful walks along the water. Who doesn’t?!  We pack up our  backpack with snacks, leashes, balls, water bowls, towels, but the one thing … More It’s Flea & tick season lets repel them with…

Furr-get me knot program

This program is designed to help out my customers who are sometimes too busy to schedule a grooming appointment. We set up a date that you continuously come in and the monthly charge is taken right off your card! We can even schedule pick up and drop offs for your convenience.

DIY Groomer

Everyone likes to save money. I too will find ways to save some extra cash if I can do the job myself. The problem is I usually end up messing up my DIY and spending more money fixing what I thought I had handled. So let me help you  with some DIY grooming tips from … More DIY Groomer