Meet your groomers

IMG_8876Hi! My name is Allie, I’m so glad to see you are interested in my paw spa. I have always loved animals and from a very young age I knew I was going to work with them. My grandmother owns a rescue, and my mother groomed for over 12 years. My knowledge of dogs goes beyond the books, I have learned through experience how to care and understand an animal. Working for a rescue inspired me to read about animal behaviors and study the way they interact with humans as well as other animals. I am currently studying and learning more and more about animals each day. 

Learning how to groom on rescues has blessed me with the patience to groom any dog despite their challenging behavior. All of my clients are my babies! I create a bond with each pup that sits on my table and learn what they like and dislike. I want my customers to feel like they are leaving their furchildren in good hands, so I make each experience  as comfortable as possible for everyone involved. As well as providing a comfortable environment I also bring a part of my own lifestyle into my salon.

I have studied intensely on GMO’s, Parabens, and general chemicals. I am very self conscious of what I put in or on my body, so of course I am also concerned what goes on your pups. All of my products are paraben free, organic, and some are even homemade. By doing this I hope to bring down risks of cancer, tumors, and skin problems. 1 in every 5 dogs has cancer, my belief is the chemicals in the food, treats, and cleansing products. Therefore my small contribution of organic products gives me hope I can reduce this risk in some of my clients. My hope is you will give my services a try and let me make having a pet easier!





Hi there, my name is Victoria Lizarraga, and I’ve been grooming for about a year now. Working with animals has brought so much happiness into my life, and I love every dog I meet like he/she is my own. I am currently 25 years old, and from 18 to 23 years old I was working in the nursing industry, but never really felt like it was my calling or what I really wanted to do. I’ve found that grooming and working with  dogs in a high energy, upbeat setting is exactly where I belong. I also am grateful for my past nursing experience because I was able to bring all the skills and knowledge I have with me to my grooming career. I love how each dog has their own personality and story. Making them feel clean and better about themselves and parents is so satisfying! I genuinely love meeting all the dog parents I encounter because I feel like I get to meet some astounding people. Thank you for trusting me with your babies!